(QHA) -

A memorandum titled “Save Ukraine!” was published in the edition of the Russian weekly Zavtra. The statement defines a “fascist and Nazi creeping coup” in Ukraine as a strategic threat to the Russian Federation, Global Research reports.

While holding the United States and the EU responsible for the regime-change project in Ukraine, the memorandum states that the situation in that country “is approaching a boundary limit, beyond which lies the danger of Ukraine’s going fascist.”

This development leads, it continues, toward “transformation of Ukraine from a non-aligned, neutral and non-nuclear state into a new ‘hot spot’ for Europe and the entire world, and into a hotbed of instability and chaos on Russia’s borders.”

Detailing the recent concessions by Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych and the actions of the EU and the USA, including those revealed in the leaked phone conversation between U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and Ambassador in Kiev Geoffrey Pyatt, the memorandum says that these events are “creating the conditions for an illegitimate seizure of power by a coalition of political forces that do not represent the interests of the majority of the people of Ukraine.”