Carrying out strategic command exercises, Russia is trying to shift Russians’ attention to the external problems of the country, at the same time, hoping to legalize the annexation of Crimea by bringing international observers. This was stated by the representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine Vadim Skibitskiy at a briefing, Ukrinform reports.

“According to the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, Russian leadership is trying to achieve some political goals, both internal and external, by conducting the Caucasus-2016exercises: First - to divert the attention of the Russian population from social and economic problems, on the eve of parliamentary elections, to external issues, namely - military threat to Russia; second - to legalize the annexation of Crimea by the arrival of the official foreign representatives to the peninsula,” Skibitskiy noted.

According to him, for this purpose, the occupants have invited foreign military representatives accredited in Moscow on the territory of the Opuk landfill, located in the occupied Crimea. On September 9, the occupants plan to hold the most active phase of the exercise.

“The democratic countries have abandoned a provocative invitation of Russia and will not participate in the demonstration activities of the Kremlin. At the same time, Vietnam, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Malaysia, Mauritania, Mongolia, Serbia and Uruguay have expressed their willingness to visit the active phase of the exercise,” said the representative of intelligence.

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine also stated that Russian military drills, particularly in the occupied Crimea, are provocative and undermine the regional security in the Black Sea region. Skibitskiy noted that with the continuing aggression of Russia, the Caucasus- 2016 exercises indicate that the RF is working out the maneuvers in potential conflict with NATO. 

Photo: Internet