Russian airlines reduced the number of flights to the occupied Crimea by 22.2%, the Transport Clearing Company of the Russian Federation reported.

Airlines cut their plans for summer flights to 551 thousand passengers.

The largest number of seats was cut by the airline "Ural Airlines" - 187,000 seats. 64 thousand seats were cut by Red Wings, Rossiya Airlines - 74 thousand seats, Aeroflot by 51 thousand, and Globus by 42 thousand seats.

The invaders said that the decrease in the number of flights is connected with the opening of the Kerch bridge, since some passengers will use land transport.

Reportedly, one of the reasons may be a rise in fuel prices in the annexed Simferopol, which is why companies feel unprofitable flights.

At the same time, airlines declare the rise of cost of servicing flights to 50%.

At the airport in Simferopol, the rise in cost of maintenance was explained by the need to achieve return of investments in the construction of a new terminal, for which 32 billion rubles (about 514.7 million USD) was spent. At the same time, 30% of the funds came from investors, and 70% were loans from banks.

QHA reported that the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan noted that Ukraine will appeal to international courts demanding to arrest the property of Russian airlines, performing flights to the annexed Crimea in violation of Ukrainian legislation. This will allow to recover fines imposed by Ukrainian courts from Russia. The total amount of these fines exceeds 5.4 billion UAH (about 207.7 million USD), but Russian airlines have not paid a single fine yet.

Source: Kommersant