Participants in a protest demonstration organized by pro-Russian organizations in Crimea have put a Russian flag on the Crimean Parliament building in Simferopol, according to Interfax-Ukraine.

As the flag pole for the Ukrainian and Crimean flags is located on the rooftop, the demonstrators attached the Russian flag to the letters on the building's facade.

Protesters are calling for ignoring what they see as illegal resolutions by the new Ukrainian authorities.

A group of protesters blocked the central entrance to the Crimean parliament, and so lawmakers and secretariat workers had to leave the building through side exits.

As we earlier reported, about 300 Pro-Russian activists gathered at Crimean Parliament in Simferopol on Feb. 25 protesting against newly elected government in Kyiv, declaring it illegitimate.

Activists required all-Crimean poll on status of Crimea.

Crimean Parliament announced it will convene an extraordinary session on Wednesday.