The head of the department of the Federal Service of the Russian Guard (Rossvardia) for the annexed Crimea Stepan Gaidarzhyisky said that the staff of Rosgvardia had taken over the objects of the energy bridge to the Crimea.

“Today we are guarding "Kafu" (substation), we start to protect the energy bridge. Prior to this, it was guarded by the internal troops, from January 1 we are taking all this under extra-departmental protection in accordance with the government's decision, including the facilities in Kerch," he said.

According to Gaidarzhyisky, in total the Russian Guard "protects 16 important state facilities in the Crimea." For the period of New Year's holidays the duty service will be enhanced.

Previously, in October last year the head of Russian Guard Viktor Zolotov said that the security forces had deployed a naval brigade to protect the Kerch Strait.

According to Zolotov, it was decided to create two districts of the troops of the national guard - the South and the North Caucasus on the basis of the North Caucasus district.

The Ministry of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons of Ukraine called another closure of  the movement of ships along the Kerch-Enikal canal by Russia inadmissible and illegal. The canal is dividing Russia and the occupied Crimea, and the movement of vessels was banned because of the construction of the so-called Kerch bridge.

Earlier the Russian Federation imposed a ban on navigation through the Kerch Strait, in particular the shipping Kerch-Yenikal Channel for the period from 11 to 14 October in connection with the installation of the second arch of the Kerch Bridge.