Russian professional military personnel try to simulate illness to avoid deployment to Donbas within the framework of the rotation of the occupation forces, the press-secretary of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense Aleksandr Motuzyanik said at the briefing on January 6.

“Another evidence of the lack of discipline and motivation to wage war against Ukraine is presented by the intelligence, who informs that many of the Russian military are trying to feign illness to avoid deployment in eastern Ukraine within the framework of the rotation of the Russian-occupation troops in the winter-spring period of 2017,” the speaker said.

January 3, Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukrainian confirmed the information that the Russian military are now forbidden to wear uniforms in the occupied areas of Donbas due to the fears of lynching by the locals. The residents of the occupied territories may resort to such measures because the Russian occupants show groundless aggression against the population, indiscriminately use weapons and thus injure civilians.

Photo: Internet