Snipers of the Russian Armed Forces were sitting in the bushes and watching the actions of the activists during the campaign on the anniversary of the Crimean Civil Blockade, several Ukrainian border guards told a QHA correspondent.

There is about a dozen of snipers around the lake. They lie in the bushes, we keep them under control. These are young snipers, conscripts, said one of the guards, and added that Russia was preparing in advance, driving military vehicles and helicopters.

The QHA correspondent also noticed Russian hovercrafts.

Russian journalists and cameramen captured the campaign on the FSB instructions.

September, 24 Crimean Tatars are holding the campaign, dedicated to the first anniversary of the Crimena Civil Blockade.

September 20, 2015 the Crimean Tatars began a not limited in time campaign to block the trucks carrying products and goods to the Crimea.