In his exclusive comments to a QHA correspondent, Abmedzhit Suleymanov expressed the opinion that the statement to remove the checkpoints was made by those who adhere to pro-Russian position.

“The Crimean Tatars have long been hampered some people following the lead of Russian propaganda. First, they hindered to do big business, when there were the convoys of cars. Now, they prevent local people from implementing some small ideas,” said Suleymanov.

He also said he was not surprised that the local council deputies joined the action. 

“It is not surprising. The Henichesk Council consists of 34 people, 17 of them are oppositionists. And the head of this Council is also a member of the opposition! It says a lot ... Alas, the regional government actions are also striking. And, Petro Poroshenko Block, that won the election in Kherson region is practically inactive,” concluded the member of the Mejlis of Crimean Tatars.

Just a reminder: A meeting of local residents, who demanded that the regional administration to remove the checkpoints installed by the activists of the Crimean blockade, has been held in Kherson region, Henichesk district. Their statement says that ordinary Ukrainians going to the peninsular are suffering from the actions of the activists. 

Photo: QHA