The MP Nadiya Savchenko urges Ukrainians to come to the Administration of the Ukraine’s President and demand from the Guarantor of the Constitution to report on the results of his works.

None of the chocolate factories has been sold to buy cartridges, the MP Nadiya Savchenko told a press-conference held on August, 2 in Kyiv as cited by a QHA correspondent.

Savchenko went on saying the government started talking about the military situation out of fear of another Maidan.

Yes, we have a war, not the ATO. And it is not a civil war, but the Russia-provoked war. This war has been lasting for two years; it has not started today, but in 2014 due to the Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Why has the Ukrainian government been saying for two years we have ATO, and now they want to introduce a martial law? Because during the ATO it is not necessary to break their own business relations with Russia, but it is a must during the war with the enemy. Why do they now want to call a war a war? Because people's discontent with Ukraine’s authorities is growing up and there is a possibility of re-election or another Maidan.The authorities got scaredm and decided to take a cynical manipulation mechanism in order to put pressure on the Ukrainians’ sore, said the MP.

As QHA reported earlier, Nadiya Savchenko promised to go on hunger strike again. The MP requires the release of Ukrainian prisoners currently held in the Russian Federation.