President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko does not work enough on the reforms in Ukraine, the People's Deputy of Ukraine Nadiya Savchenko told in the United States, responding to a question about whether Poroshenko "is a friend of reforms."

According to Voice of America, the MP maid this statement speaking at the Atlantic Council think tank.

Nadiya Savchenko said that she feels uncomfortable commenting on the work of the Head of State since she has not made every effort for the benefit of Ukraine.

During her visit to the United States, Savchenko met with Republican Senator John McCain. He said the Ukrainian MP is "an icon of freedom and democracy." Savchenko said that the Senator has repeatedly wrote letters to her.

His letters supported up in Russian prisons, she said.

Earlier, US Vice President Joseph Biden, speaking at the Council of Foreign Relations think tank, said that the Ukrainian authorities should hurry with the introduction of the reforms as it becomes more difficult with each passing day to persuade Europe to maintain sanctions against Russia.