The State Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) does not exclude that the high-profile arrests of Ukrainian "saboteurs" in Crimea are just unsuccessful attempts to recruit Ukrainian citizens, the chief of staff of the head of the SBU Alexander Tkachuk told at a briefing, according to a QHA correspondent.

“Our service does not exclude the possibility that all the high-profile arrests reported by Russian FSB in Crimea might be just unsuccessful attempts of recruiting Ukrainian citizens. To show their alleged effect, the Russian special services realize the threats they utter to our citizens during their stay in the territory of Crimea,” said Tkachuk.

According to him, Russia demonstrates its alleged strength with the help of the high-profile arrests of Ukrainians on the peninsula.

On November 24, the FSB (Russian Federal Security Service), once again declared the detention of Ukrainian "spy" - former member of the Black Sea Fleet headquarters, the captain II rank, Leonid Parkhomenko - in the occupied Crimea who allegedly, on the instructions of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, was collecting information on the activities of the Black Sea Fleet.

According to the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet, the detainee Leonid Parkhomenko was discharged in 2005.