In the occupied Crimea in Bakhchysarai, the security forces are searching the homes of the Crimean Tatars, the public association Crimean Solidarity reported on Facebook.

Searches are conducted in the homes of three Crimean Tatar activists.

“The house of the activist of the Crimean Solidarity Server Mustafaev is being searched! Also there is a search at Edema Smailov’s in the village of Dolynne (Bakhchysarai district), and in the house of Muslim (the last name is being clarified),” the report says.

The occupiers drove the paddy wagon to the house of Server Mustafayev. A Volkswagen car also drove in the courtyard of the activist’s house.

“So far, the information about two searches is objectively known and confirmed: in the house of Server Mustafayev and in the house of Eden Smailov. Information on the third search is not confirmed,” the report says.

The Crimean Solidarity noted that in the house of Eden Smailov three children are blocked, his wife is not allowed in the house.

QHA reported that on May 10 in the occupied Crimea near Sevastopol, security officials conducted searches in the homes of the brothers Ernest and Enver Seitosmanovs. Crimean Tatars are cousins of political prisoner Nuri Primov, who was illegally convicted on the far-fetched case of Hizb ut-Tahrir. Ernest and Enver Seytosmanov were detained after the searches.

Later, activists reported on people missing after searches in the homes of Ernest and Enver Seitosmanov. A "response group" came from Balaklava, to the activists' calls.

Enver Seitosmanov read out the protocol according to which the invaders intend to charge him under article 205.5, part 2 (participation in the organization banned in Russia "Hizb ut-Tahrir").