The so-called "government of Sevastopol" has decided to liquidate the State Unitary Enterprise "Balaklava Shipyard "Metalist". The corresponding "order" was published on the self-proclaimed authorities’ department website.

It is noted that the decision to liquidate the company is connected to the fact that its asset had been transferred to the ownership of the Russian company FSUE "Sveko", which belongs to the Federal Guard Service of Russia.

According to the "Head of the Department of Property and Land Relations" Rustem Zainullin, the plant will continue to be engaged in the ship-repair activities for now.

Reference: Plant "Metallist" specializes in the repair of diesel submarines and naval vessels. Since the annexation of Crimea, the self-proclaimed Crimean "authorities" have established a company GUP "Balaklava Shipyard Metalist" and planned to start production of small craft on its basis.

Earlier, the so-called "Council of Ministers" in the Russian-occupied Crimea under its "order" of February 7, abolished the National Research Institute of Vine and Wine "Magarach" and transferred it over to the federal property of the Russian Federation.

February 6, the Russian-controlled "Council of Ministers of Crimea" on the Elimination of a budget organization "Order of Red Banner of Labor Nikitsky Botanical Gardens - National Scientific Center" will result in transfer of Nikita Botanical Garden located in the Russia-annexed Crimea to the federal property of the Russian Federation.  

In January 2017, the Crimean Natural Reserve was illegally transferred under the control of the Office of President of Russia Putin due to the so-called "federalization" of the Crimean property."

Photo: Internet