(QHA) -

Self-seized land plots would be legalized, while “sheds on the fields” would be pulled down, Crimean Prime Minister Sergey Aksyonov said this in his interview to Kommersant newspaper.

“Here is my position on the issue: There are houses that were built 10 years ago, with their household running costs being paid. There is no sense in pulling them down, as this was, probably, the only property of their owners. We should decide on simplified registrations of these houses”- Aksyonov said.

“The next category is those people, who began building but failed to complete it without necessary documents. We should give them opportunity to prepare all the technical documentation in accordance with Russian jurisdiction”- he noted, adding all the temporary constructions would be pulled down.

“The third category is sheds on the fields. The situation with these constructions should be made clear. There are some areas that are ready to be allotted, and not on the basis of nationality. Either Crimean Tatars or Russians will live there”- Aksyonov summed up.

To recall, in the same interview to Kommersant, Aksyonov said that “there is no such organization as Mejlis in Crimea”, noting it has no authority over Crimean Tatars.

His statement comes days after Mejlis office in Simferopol was seized by police and Mejlis stuff given 24 hours to evacuate the building.