The Moscow Chamber of Lawyers has received a complaint against the well-known Russian lawyer Mark Feigin. He wrote about this on his Facebook page, publishing a certificate dated March 15, which the Chamber issued in response to the complaint.

“Considering my participation in the cases against "spy" Roman Suschenko and against the Crimean "separatist" Ilmi Umerov, I can predict another attempt to deprive me of my lawyer status,” Mark Feigin stated.

"This document is to confirm that the lawyer Mark Feigin, born June 3, 1971, is a member of the Moscow Chamber of Lawyers, registration number is 77/9952 in the Moscow city attorney's register, attorney's license No. 10735.

He has had the status of a lawyer from 14.04.2010 till the present. During this period, the status of the lawyer Feigin was not suspended or terminated.

He has not been brought to disciplinary responsibility by the Council of Chamber of Lawyers of the Moscow City. "Reads the document issued by Chamber of Lawyers.

Feigin noted that soon he will be informed about who filed the complaint. He is convinced that the person who is trying in this way to have the lawyer suspended from his activities is an agent of the Kremlin.

Earlier, QHA reported that in late March, a well-known Russian lawyer Mark Feigin held several meetings with US diplomats, during which he focused on the need for new resolutions on the issues of the Crimea and prisoners of the occupation authorities.

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