On his Instagram page, Speaker of the Chechen Parliament Magomed Daudov published an entire treatise about Ramzan Kadyrov’s dog called Tarzan. In it, he described Chechnya as being run by Tarzan and ‘real he-dogs’, while likening Russian opposition members with ‘pathetic and cheeky mutts’.

According to Daudov, the main rule of a pro-Kremlin dog in ‘this cruel world’ is to ‘rip open the wolf’s belly so as to make the jackals be quiet’.

The Speaker of the Chechen Parliament writes that Ramzan Kadyrov’s dog is ‘itching to sink its fangs into Russian opposition members’ and ‘foreign-bred dogs’. Interestingly, Daudov published a post on Instagram accusing Russian opposition members of inciting interethnic hatred. Among others, he mentions Alexey Venedictov, Editor-in-Chief of the Ekho Moskvy (Echo of Moscow) FM station, Igor Kalyapin, a human rights activist, and Ilya Yashin, an opposition politician. According to Daudov, Tarzan’s dog is ‘itching to sink his fangs’ into ‘Kalyapa the Pekinese’, Venya the Dachshund’ who has ‘a loud Echo’, ‘Ponomar, the Breedless’ and ‘Yashka the Mongrel’.

At the end of his tirade, Daudov drops a hint:

“Tarzan is straining at the leash and we are having a lot of trouble holding him back. I can only imagine what might be happening here now if it was not for… Democracy!”

It was reported earlier that Ramzan Kadyrov posted a message on his Instagram page on January 12, 2016, saying that Russian opposition members are ‘people’s enemies’ and ‘traitors’.