About a hundred armed Russian law enforcement officers arrived to Alchak residential area in Sudak on March 23, to demolish six private houses of Crimean Tatars, according to Abdureshit Dzhepparov, Coordinator of the Crimean Contact Group on Human Rights, reporting from the scene.

“Six houses in Alchak area and Bazdergyan café near the water park are set to be demolished in Sudak. As of now, there are about a hundred Russian automatic riflemen and nearly 150 Crimean Tatars, who came to defend their property, as well as two Kamaz trucks and OMON Russian special forces,” Dzhepparov wrote.

According to a QHA source, the armed security forces have already dispersed and no operations have been conducted by law enforcement officers.

“Traffic police officers cordoned off the surrounding streets. Two Kamaz trucks of OMON arrived to the scene. Standing, watching ... There are police near the hotel. The First pro-Russian Crimean TV channel is capturing what is happening,” the source reports. 

It was reported earlier that today, the Sudak City Council was going to implement the court decision on demolition of six houses of Crimean Tatars families (the Chabanovs, Zekiryaevs, Useinovs, Mirzoyevs Karamanovs and Sadyevs) located near Sudak water park.

The Crimean Tatar families began to build their houses in this area in 2000.

Moreover, the Crimean authorities planned to demolish the market owned by Ilver Ametov, Chairman of the regional Mejlis.