A young man of 22 years old who staged a terrorist attack in Kerch, was a student at the Kerch Polytechnic College. His name was Vladislav Roslyakov.

Roslyakov studied in the fourth year at the same educational institution. Mash channel noted, citing the student’s entourage, that the young man was very reserved, communicated with few people and "showed interest in maniacs." One of Roslyakov’s friends, who asked for anonymity, told RBC that the young man “hated the technical school very much because of the evil teachers, he hinted that he would take revenge on them”.

Roslyakov was enrolled in college in 2015. It is known that on September 8, a young man obtained a permit for a 12-caliber gun, and a few days before the attack, he bought a hundred and fifty cartridges for it.

According to Mash, Vlad's parents divorced long ago.

Roslyakov used social networks for the last time in 2014. Then he expressed his sympathies with the terrorist group "DPR" and the Russian president Putin.

"I love people"


Publication Informing published photos Roslyakov.

Earlier, Roslyakov’s photo was published, already, from CCTV cameras in Kerch College. After committing the attack, he shot himself.

The director of the Kerch Polytechnic College, Olga Grebennikova, called the explosion in an educational institution a terrorist act and comparing it with the events in Beslan.

The first version of the terrorist attack was reported by citizens in social networks, while the official authorities stated that a gas explosion had occurred in the college building.

A three-day mourning declared in Crimea in connection with the incident.
Source: RBC,