A priceless collection of gold artifacts from Crimea that were on loan to a Dutch museum when Russia occupied the peninsula must be returned to Ukraine and not the museums that originally held them, a Dutch court ruled on Wednesday, according to Reuters publication.

Under the court ruling, the Crimean museums are not sovereign subjects of the trial and, therefore, can not claim the treasure as cultural heritage.
First Deputy of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine commented on the court decision on his Facebook page.

“So, the artifacts must be returned to Ukraine on the basis of the UNESCO Convention of 1970, which emphasizes that cultural heritage belongs to a sovereign state. In this case, no one but the state of Ukraine, neither a museum nor the ARC, can own the artifacts. The Court sent a very clear and strong message, also noting the fact of occupation. Therefore #victory! Now we have 3 months for filing an appeal. Let's see if it will be. I think that given the lack of chances, the Russian Federation does not want to "stretch the fun," Ukraine has to pay part of the money for the transportation and storage of the artifacts,” the Ukrainian official said.

December 3, the Prosecutor's Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea forwarded the ruling of the Pechersk District Court of Kyiv on the arrest of the exhibits "Crimea: The golden island" to Interpol. This decision was taken by the prosecutors in order to put of these items on the international wanted list.

Photo: Internet