Ukrainian diplomats and lawyers should use the words of Vladimir Putin, delivered at a press conference in Helsinki, about the organization of the so-called "referendum" in Crimea in 2014 by Russia when preparing suits in the international courts. This is the first Vice-Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Irina Gerashchenko stated commenting on Putin’s words on Facebook.

According to her, in this way the master of the Kremlin actually recognized that the Russian Federation stands behind an illegal referendum in the Crimea.

“The most important thing that sounded at the press conference: it is admission of Putin’s guilt, who admitted that the Russian Federation organized a "referendum" in the Crimea. Our lawyers and diplomats should use this recognition when preparing suits for international courts," Gerashchenko wrote.

The politician highly appreciated the non-recognition of the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula by the United States.

"The unity of the Senate and Congress, the State Department, the Pentagon, the White House, the Republicans and the Democrats in the key issue is important for us: the non-recognition of the annexation of the Crimea, the occupation of Donbas, the violation of Ukraine's borders, the responsibility of the Russian Federation for this. And it was stated by dozens of influential Americans, and the structure of the American system, the systemic functioning of all institutions makes impromptu in foreign policy impossible," she noted.

The most important thing for Kyiv, the Vice-Speaker believes, is "a clear internal understanding and our signal to the whole world that Ukraine is a subject, and no one will make our choice for us, and we do not exchange Crimea for the Donbas."

"Even if everyone starts sending us other signals, we will not agree to that." And we stand on this,” she wrote.

As QHA reported that Ukrainian scholar, Doctor of Juridical Science, Professor Oleksandr Merezhko commented on Putin's statement. According to him, Putin's recognition that a "referendum" was held by Russia in the Crimea is enough to talk about his illegitimacy.

Reference: Russian President Vladimir Putin at a press conference in Helsinki noted that Trump continues to adhere to the position of "illegality of the Crimea joining the Russian Federation."
The Head of the White House, commenting on the outcome of the meeting with the Russian president, said that "this is a very good start for everyone."