At his pre-election meeting, Donald Trump has accused Russia of disrupting the ceasefire agreement in Syria. Trump said that, the Russian leader Vladimir Putin respects neither the US President Barack Obama, nor the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, the ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, according to DW publication.

Earlier, the billionaire said that he has nothing against Russia's actions in Syria and has repeatedly stated that he would be ready to cooperate with the Russian president if wins the election.

In early September, the United States and Russia have agreed to a truce in Syria, which only lasted a week. Amid fierce fighting for Aleppo, October 3, the US declared the termination of contacts with Moscow to resolve the armed conflict in Syria.

Earlier, the US presidential candidate from the Republican Party Donald Trump said he was willing to accept the Russian Crimea, if he takes the post of Head of state. He stated that Ukraine's attempts to regain the Crimea by force would trigger the World War III.

Photo: Internet