The traffic is restricted at the border with the occupied Crimea due to the Russian military exercise, said the Deputy Minister of temporarily occupied territories George Tuka in the air of TV channel "112".

“Today I spoke to Viktor Nazarenko, the Head of the Border Service. He told me that the occupation authorities in the Crimea started the so-called military exercise just near the demarcation line. According to information provided, the operation of checkpoints had been stopped in order not to endanger the civilians,” said the Deputy Minister.

He stressed that talking about "some provocative actions of Ukraine is just absurd."

August 8, the occupation authorities of the Crimea again blocked the entry and exit checkpoint "Kalanchak" an the administrative border with Ukraine. In "Chongar" the traffic moves in both directions, but very slowly. In "Chaplinka" Russian law enforcement officers allow only those who follow towards the peninsula.

August 7, around 7 a.m. the Russian authorities blocked the traffic at the administrative border with the occupied Crimea. The reasons were not reported. 
Moreover, the Russian aviation was spotted close to the entry-exit checkpoint "Chongar”. Gun bursts were also heard near the location.
August 7, around 10:50, Russians resumed crossing at the entry-exit checkpoint "Chongar", and at about 14:30, at checkpoints "Kalanchak" and "Chaplinka", but only towards Crimea.