The blockade in the Donbas did not bring any positive results, either economically, politically, or in terms of security, the Deputy Minister for Temporary Occupied Territories George Tuka shared his opinion with media in Kyiv on March 27. According to the Deputy Minister, shelling continues in Donbas, our troops still bear losses and no hostages are released from the militants’ captivity.

“From a political point of view, we have faced lack of understanding about the blockade of the Council of Europe, the majority of official Ambassadors of European states and the UN. From economical point of view we have faced only the losses, which, unfortunately, will affect all citizens of our state,” he said.

George Tuka believes that the blockade can not be lifted until the conditions specified in the decision of National Security and Defense Council of March 15, 2017 are met. Earlier, March 15, the NSDC reacted to the seizure of enterprises located in ORDLO under the Ukrainian jurisdiction and aggravation of the situation in the ATO zone.

The National Security and Defense Council decided to temporarily suspend the transportations of cargo across the contact line, until the terms in paragraphs 1-2 of the Set of Measures for the Implementation of the Minsk Agreements of February 12, 2015 are fulfilled, as well as the return to the Ukrainian jurisdiction of the seized enterprises.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the National Police of Ukraine, the National Guard of Ukraine, with the participation of the Security Service of Ukraine, were instructed to stop the transportation of goods across the line of contact by rail and road without delay. The transportation of goods was terminated from 1:00 p.m. on March 15.

The Cabinet of Ministers was instructed to draft and immediately implement a plan of measures to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the fuel, energy and metallurgical complex of Ukraine, to analyze the negative impact of the enterprises seizure in the ORDLO on the economy and budget of Ukraine and take measures to minimize it.

Earlier, QHA reported that the "trade blockade with the occupiers" began on January 25, when activists blocked the railway calling for termination of trade with illegal armed groups. On January 26, the Prosecutor's Office initiated a criminal investigation into the blocking of the railway on the demarcation line in the Luhansk region.