Minister of National Defence of Turkey Fikri Isik stated that the International Coalition provided weak support in the US-led Turkish military operation against IS "Euphrates Shield" in Syria, according to the AA.

At the same time, Isik said he hoped that the Republic allies would still reconsider their position and official Ankara would have all the necessary support. However, its absence already suggests the idea to ban stationing of the coalition Air Forces on the Turkish military base "Incirlik":

“The position of the International Coalition makes public think about its sincerity in the fight against IS. People debate on whether the further use of the base "Incirlik" is lawful. However, it is supposed that long-term cooperation still requires solution of problems through dialogue. Negotiations are continuing on the level of military and civilian structures. I believe that the coalition forces, especially the US, will finally provide the expected support to the Operation "Euphrates Shield", and the decision will be taken very soon,” the Turkish minister said.

The air base "Incirlik" is located in the province of Adana in the south of the country, its activity is regulated by the Agreement on military and economic cooperation the United States and Turkey. Permission to use the object is given by Ankara. Currently, aircrafts of the US, Germany, Great Britain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are stationed at the base.

Photo: Internet