The Turkish government approved a number of measures against the Netherlands, according to Turkish Vice Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus.

“First of all, on March 14, the permission which entered into force on December 27, 2016 for airplanes with Dutch diplomats on board to land in Turkey was revoked. This decision does not apply to ordinary Dutch citizens, but only to Dutch diplomats who visit Turkey or use the airspace of the country," Kurtulmus said.

The Vice Prime Minister also reported on other measures taken in relation to the Netherlands.

According to him, at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers a decision was taken to forbid the returning of Ambassador of the Netherlands to Turkey who is currently abroad.

In addition, all the scheduled high-level meetings will be postponed until the Netherlands officially apologize to Turkey in writing. The Turkish Grand National Assembly (Parliament) will be recommended to abolish the Turkish composition of the inter-parliamentary friendship group with the Netherlands, the Vice Prime Minister said.

“Turkey is also responsible for protection of rights of our citizens’ who were attacked by the Dutch police with the dogs. They will be provided with the necessary assistance and support during the trials, and the rights of our compatriots in the Netherlands will be protected. Also, all necessary measures will be taken for their safety," Kurtulmus said.

According to him, all these measures will be in force until a formal apology is received from the authorities of the Netherlands in writing.

Previously, March 11, authorities of the Netherlands banned the landing of aircraft with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on board in Rotterdam.

Next, the Minister for Family and Social Policy of Turkey Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya who arrived in the Netherlands from Germany by car to participate in a meeting with the Turkish diaspora, faced the pressure. Police of the Netherlands first detained the security officers of Fatma Betul Sayan Kayi. The Minister was forced to leave the car, as she was threatened with evacuation of the vehicle after her refusal. Kaya was escorted to Germany, accompanied by police officers.

At the same time, police of the Netherlands involved the Mounted Police and police dogs to disperse thousands of ethnic Turks who gathered outside the Consulate General in Rotterdam in support of the Turkish Minister.