Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Stepan Kubiv said that more than 150 participants of Turkish-Ukrainian business forum served a confirmation of the improvement in the investment climate in Ukraine.

“This is a great work carried out by the government of Vladimir Groysman and his team. We are talking about positive changes: 2.3% of GDP increase and organization of the process for further macro stabilization in 2018-2020, which is already confirmed in the government's operational program.”

The Vice Premier went on saying that Turkey is a strategic partner for Ukraine.

“Turkey confirmed mutual assistance and mutual understanding in trade turnover, export and import operations. I'll give you three indicators. Turkey's investments in Ukraine - about $ 300 million, of which in 2016 - $ 98.2 million. The turnover is 3 billion 150 million. Export from Ukraine to Turkey comprises 2 billion 50 million. We are talking about qualitative actual changes, about finished products, innovative products with great added value and with great opportunities.”

According to the Vice-Premier, the Turkish-Ukrainian business forum confirms that the government of the Ukraine, as well as the leadership of Lviv and the regional state administration, were able to show and support real changes in the state and opportunities to improve the investment climate in the region.

“I was pleased to hear that the Lviv region is the trading capital of Ukraine. I think that the general actions and decentralization carried out by the Parliament and the President of Ukraine allow us to open new opportunities, new markets, new victories," Stepan Kubiv said.

Earlier, the Deputy Prime Minister said that the signing of an agreement on a free trade zone between Ukraine and Turkey is expected in the fall of 2018.

PHOTO: Internet