Police searched rooms of Turkish students in a hostel owned by a branch of Moscow Engineering Physics Institute in the town of Obninsk. Only the students who purportedly supported terrorist organizations on the Internet had their rooms searched. Among other things, police were looking for drugs, reports Ekho Moskvy citing Okan Yildiz, a spokesperson for the Association of Turkish Students in Russia.

It was reported earlier that Turkish students studying in the Russian towns of Voronezh and Saratov complained of being expelled and having their hostel rooms searched. Responding to the incident, Voronezh High Technologies Institute issued an official statement confirming that nine Turkish students were indeed expelled from the institute for ‘poor academic performance and payment arrears‘.

In early December, the Russian Education Ministry said it was curtailing student exchange programs between Russian and Turkish universities due to the Russian-Turkish conflict. The Ministry’s officials said they were expecting Russian students studying in Turkey to return to Russia soon, adding though that Turkish nationals could go on studying in Russia.