The British Defense Secretary stressed that 800 military, warplanes, Challenger 2tanks and other armored vehicles would be deployed in Estonia joining the military from France and Denmark.

“The battalion will be defensive in nature, but it will be fully operational,” he said.

Michael Fallon explained that NATO is seeking to demonstrate the increase in the defense forces, placing armed units in the Baltic Sea area.

“This is about two things: reassurance, and that needs to be done with some formidable presence, and deterrence. This is not just a trip-wire … This is a serious military presence,” he said.

October 26 – 27, in Brussels, the defense ministers of NATO countries are to discuss the Russian aggression, deployment of multinational battalions of the alliance in the Baltic States and Poland, strengthening their presence in Romania and Bulgaria, as well as support of the partners, including in the fight against ISIS.

Photo: Internet