Ukraine and the world community should continue to put pressure on Russia regarding the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Lithuania to Ukraine Marius Janukonis stated in an interview with QHA correspondent.

“First of all, Ukraine and the world community should continue to express a clear position regarding the return of the Crimea, on the recognition of the illegality of the occupation and subsequent annexation. Since this was a gross violation of international law and such things do not have the right to occur in the 21st century. And the country that carried out the aggression must pay for it, "he said.

The Ambassador expressed hope that the pressure on Russia will continue until the complete de-occupation of the Ukrainian peninsula.

“I very much hope that the pressure on Russia and the continued policy of sanctions will guarantee the consistency of both Ukraine and the European Union, and we hope that the peninsula will indeed remain part of Ukrainian territory. We, as Baltic countries, understand this situation. We ourselves have long fought for non-recognition of our occupation. You know that many Western states refused to recognize the occupation of the Baltic countries by the Soviet Union. Sometimes we thought it was futile and unrealistic, but in 50 years it happened. I wish the Crimea not to wait that long," he said.

Earlier, the Ambassador stated that the US would not negotiate with Russia to the detriment of Kyiv's interests.

According to him, the issue of Ukraine was discussed during the phone conversation of US President Donald Trump with the heads of the Baltic states.