Negotiations on the transfer of convicts from prisons located on the territory of the Russian-occupied Crimea to the correctional facilities located in the territory of mainland Ukraine is almost completed, the Head of the press service of the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights Michael Chaplyga stated in an interview to Ukrainian TV channel.

“It was the common position of the two Ombudsmen and, indeed, the fact that the bureaucratic procedures were held in Russia and Ukraine, and today they are completed. And it already indicates willingness on both sides. I would like it to happen in a month ... The Russian Ombudsman arrived with her list of those who appealed to her, and we had ours. By checking the lists, we found eighteen matches. Since there is no such procedure, we decided to start with those for whom there is a match. But during the inspection it turned out that one of them had Russian citizenship,” the official said.

Michael Chaplyga went on saying that several other people who are serving in the occupied territory of Ukraine, were improperly released under Russian law for parole.

Earlier QHA reported that Ukraine agreed to the proposal of the RF Ministry of Justice to transfer 16 prisoners from the jails in the occupied Crimea.

Photo: Internet