Archaeological work with objects of cultural and historical values of Ukraine in the occupied Crimea involving foreign experts must be punished under international law, the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine states on the official web-site.

“The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine points to the fact that Ukraine will regard any interference with the integrity of the items of cultural heritage located in the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, as a breach of Russia’s duties as an occupying state, with the imposition of international legal liability for such actions. The Ministry also demands the Russian Federation as a State engaged in temporary illegal occupation of Ukrainian territory, to fulfill its obligations under the international law.”

Ukraine also demands to prevent the entry of foreign citizens into the temporarily occupied territory without the consent of the government representatives.

In particular, the Ministry of Culture appeals to the UK to prevent the arrival of the British archeology scientists from the University of Bristol who had previously been invited by the occupying "power" of Crimea to "develop archaeological tourism in the peninsula."

Earlier QHA reported that the so-called "Head of the Crimean parliament committee on sanatorium-resort complex and tourism" Aleksey Chernyak announced arrival of a group of British scientists to the Crimea. During their visit, the scientists were supposed to meet with members of the Presidium of the so-called "State Council" of the Crimea, and then the "Deputy Prime Minister" and "Ministers" of the Republic

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