(QHA) -

Ukraine should reconsider number of decision made on Crimea, including transport blockade of the peninsula and functioning of Free Economic Zone in the region.

Director of Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers’ Department on Crimea Issues Aslan Omer Kirimli said this in an interview with Krym.realii.

According to him, there are more than 2 million “hostages” in Crimea, still there is no special state body to settle the issues of Crimea residents. Aslan Omer Kirimli also noted that “Ukraine’s State Service on Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, created in July 2014, is not working yet and exists only on papers”.  

“We understand that we have to save Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity to return Crimea. We should meet such challenge as corruption, which remains the main threat to national security. We should also carry out effective reforms, not related to the current situation”- he said.

It should be noted that Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers’ Department on Crimea Issues, headed by Aslan Omer Kirimli, is the only functioning department in Ukraine, aimed to settle issues of Crimea and Crimea residents, forced to live the peninsula following its unification with Russia.