Ukraine will present the facts of detecting the latest systems of electronic warfare of the Russian Federation in the Donbas confirmed by the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine, according to the message of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry on Twitter.

The department notes that the four modern and sophisticated Russian electronic warfare systems recently spotted by the OSCE, are in the service of the Russian armed forces, and can be regarded as an evidence of the fact that Russia is again resorting to escalation.

"Sanctions against aggressor-state must be reinforced," Ukrainian diplomats noted.

The Foreign Ministry noted that Ukraine will present confirmed facts of the presence of the latest Russian electronic warfare systems in the Donbas to international partners at all levels.

Earlier, QHA reported that the OSCE SMM had spotted a mobile reconnaissance point "Nard" in the occupied Luhansk region, which was on one of the militant objects north of the city of Khrustalny (formerly Krasnyi Luch), as well as four Russian radio electronic warfare systems near the village of Chornukhyne.