The Head of State Petro Poroshenko instructed diplomats to use every opportunity to release a Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko and other Ukrainians in Russia, according to "Ukrainian Truth".

“I gave instructions to use all Ukrainian diplomatic options to release Panov and Sushchenko, as well as other Ukrainian hostages who are in Russia,” said the Head of state.

Ukraine is supported by a number of International institutions, such as Reporters Without Borders, and the OSCE authorized on Freedom Dunja Mijatovic required Russian Federation to release Sushchenko immediately.

Moreover, Sushchenko’s lawyer Mark Feigin said that he has been staying at the detention center and trying to get to the client for two days.

“I'm sitting in the detention center waiting in the queue at the entrance. And less than two hours left before closing. If I am not allowed to the Roman Sushchenko the second day, we will require to reschedule the testifying. Interrogation without a private conversation of the defendant with his lawyer is totally impossible. I have been sitting in the queue from 8 a.m. until closing the second day. What is happening in this prison is an unprecedented disgrace. And I am not alone here. Lawyer of Nikita Belykh is sitting nearby,” Feigin said.

The lawyer recalled that the proceedings involving Roman Sushchenko will be made on October 7, therefore the lawyer is invited to the FSB Investigation Department at 14.30. Feigin was warned that in case of his absence to Roman Sushchenko, the detainee will be granted a court-appointed attorney.

September 30, the correspondent of the Ukrainian National Information Agency "Ukrinform" in France Roman Sushchenko was wrongfully detained in Moscow, where he arrived on personal business. The journalist's wife learned about his detention only on October 2, when the Russian media wrote that Roman Sushchenko is kept in Lefortovo jail in Moscow and charged with espionage. The FSB claimed that Sushchenko is an operative of the Chief of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine.

Ukraine is seeking to release the illegally detained Ukrainian journalist and calls on the International community, in particular the OSCE, the EU and other organizations, to respond to the illegal actions of the Russian Federation.

Photo: Internet