The Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine has published information about the drunken excesses of Russian paratroopers in the Crimea during the time  of rotation.

“March 25, during the rotation of the units of 51 paratrooper regiments of 106 airborne divisions (Tula) in the north of the Crimea, Russian servicemen staged a "farewell party" that turned into mass drunkenness, including participation of commanders," the report said.

According to intelligence, Russian servicemen launched lighting flares in the direction of residential buildings and committed other hooligan acts.

Such behavior caused discontent among local residents, prompting the occupation command to "have a conversation" with the local population in order to conceal the facts of the offenses.

Earlier, Crimean officials admitted that consumption of alcoholic beverages among residents of the Russian-occupied Crimea  has reached an alarming scale.

PHOTO: Internet