At a briefing in the Ukrainian crisis media center, Speaker of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine Andrei Lysenko said that the information provided by the "RIA Novosti" agency about the detention the so-called "Ukrainian saboteurs" in Simferopol is untrue.

“Russian Special Services have not detained a single Ukrainian military. They again have appointed someone a "Ukrainian saboteur."

I'd like to remind that some of our compatriots, who once served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, left in the occupied Crimea. Now they are military retirees living in the area, and this a stock of candidates for the Russian to declare "war saboteurs."

All Ukrainian soldiers are serving at their positions and battle stations and protecting Ukraine.”

This morning, the Russian news agency reported about the next "Ukrainian saboteur."

November 9, three experts on security of the Black Sea region have been declared "saboteurs from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine". To confirm their guilt Russian FSB even published a video with a search in the apartment of one of the so-called “saboteurs”, which turned out to be another fake with obviously planted evidence.