On Thursday, November 3, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted in the first reading the bill N3665 by 238 votes. The bill is to introduce the Mediation Institute in Ukraine at the legislative level through the implementation of the best European and world standards. It will contribute to the spread of non-judicial methods of dispute resolution,” a QHA correspondent reports.

According to one of the initiators of the law Alena Shkrum, the introduction of this institute will allow to resolve disputes faster and more effectively:

“We all know that there is a pressing need for the reform of judicial system, and very low confidence in the judiciary. Furthermore, the courts are too overloaded that leads to the fact that cases are not considered for years. Introduction of the mediation mechanism will partially solve these problems: relieving the courts and saving the money allocated to them,” said the Ukrainian MP.

Reference: Mediation is the mildest form of alternative dispute resolution. During the mediation procedure, the parties involved in the conflict come to a mutually acceptable solution on their own, based on the experience, knowledge and skills of a mediator. Resolution of the dispute entirely depends on the will of those involved in the dispute.