International terrorism, Iran and Russia are the main threats to the security of the modern world, the Vice President of the USA Michael Richard Pence stated at the North Atlantic Council meeting. 

“Russia attempts to change the internationally recognized borders by force, Iran attempts to shake the Middle East, the global threat of terrorism, which can strike anywhere at any time ... It seems that the world is more dangerous now than ever after the fall of communism a quarter of a century ago”.

The United States is committed to Article 5 of the NATO Charter, according to which an attack against one Alliance member means an attack against the whole Alliance, and therefore all member countries of the association will resist aggression together, according to Pence.

“The alliance must be developed not in the context of old and new opponents in order to deter threats of the today and tomorrow world. This is especially important in facing up to terrorism”

Earlier QHA reported that on June 5 Montenegro officially became the 29th member of the North Atlantic Alliance.

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