Crimean Tatar Arsen Dzhepparov, who became deaf in one ear because of an abscess on his head, was provided with medical assistance in the Simferopol jail only after 3 days. Crimean lawyer Dzhemil Temishev shared the corresponding information on Facebook.

Next, the prisoner might be taken to the hospital for surgery.

“Today [March 2 - Ed.] my client Arsen Dzhepparov was examined by the medical staff of the Simferopol jail. Now they are reducing the swelling and applying some kind of ointment directly to the inflamed area. He was prescribed injections (antibiotics). The diagnosis has not yet been established. Within 5-10 days they will remove the swelling and then, if necessary, they will take him to the surgery.”

Earlier, Arsen Dzhepparov had a tumor on the left side of his face and, due to poor conditions in the remand center and lack of timely medical care, it has caused a hearing loss in one ear. Now the prisoner has constant headaches, which he told the lawyer. Every day he wrote applications with a request to send him to the surgery, however these appeals were ignored by the staff of the Federal Penal Correction Service.

The lawyer regards such actions of the isolator's employees as torture.

“Personally I regard this whole situation as an attempt to break Arsen. Refusal to provide medical care to a person in custody amounted to torture. The purpose of these tortures is very clear to me personally.”

Earlier, QHA reported that on April 18, 2016 in the village of Krasnokamenka (Bolshaya Yalta) in the Russian-occupied Crimea, security forces searched the homes of Refat Aliyev and Arsen Dzepparov, after which both Crimean Tatars were detained. They were accused of involvement in the Hizb ut-Tahrir organization banned in Russia.

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