The taxpayers of the United States of America have at least four main reasons to help Ukrainians in their opposition to Russian aggression, according to the article for USA Today written by the President of the American political organization "Council on Foreign Relations" (founded in 1921, headquartered in New York) Richard Haass.

Thus Haass answered the question of the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, addressed to European politicians in Italy. With this question, Tillerson hinted that Europe, which could be the next target of Russia's plans, provides insufficient support to Ukraine in its defense of territorial integrity.

In his article to the American publication Haass argues that the first reason for assistance to Ukraine is to prevent violation of the basic principles of international law, in particular, changes in state borders by means of military force. He recalled the actions of Saddam Hussein in Kuwait in 1990, which led to a violation of security in the region.

The second reason the expert gives is the  direct policy of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The author states that Putin is constantly trying to "make Russia great again" with the help of military, cybernetic and energy forces. It is important for the United States to make the Russian President understand that leadership is not achieved with the use of force-based scenarios in the modern world.

The third reason provided is the fact that Ukraine voluntarily dismantled its nuclear warheads, located there during the Soviet time, under a 1994 deal with the U.S., the United Kingdom and Russia. But its subsequent loss of Crimea to the Russians sends a terrible message to other leaders: that giving up nuclear weapons can be hazardous to your political health and territorial integrity.

The fourth reason is the violation of the Budapest Memorandum. Haass noted that the country, which voluntarily renounced nuclear weapons, relying on US security guarantees, then became a victim of external aggression. The expert claims that this is detrimental to the credibility of the US in the world. Moreover, such behavior of the Russian Federation can be a reason for disrupting global nuclear disarmament.

"A country’s word is its bond, and any time the United States fails to live up to its word encourages adversaries to challenge us and friends to go their own way.”

The expert noted that no single problem remains local in a tightly integrated modern world. He recalled the terrorist attacks in the US and the Russian cyber attacks on government websites and the site of the Democratic Party during last year's elections.

“Ignoring what goes on in Ukraine or elsewhere in the world will not make us smarter, healthier or richer — but it will make us less safe." The President of the organization asserts.

Earlier, QHA reported that the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson at a meeting with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin in early March confirmed that the United States will not discuss any "exchange" of Ukraine's territories. He also noted that Ukraine's sovereignty is of fundamental importance for the United States.

In addition, the US Secretary of State once again assured Ukraine that sanctions would be lifted from Russia only when the Kremlin stops its aggressive actions and de-occupies the Crimea and ORDLO.

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