A US guided missile destroyer USS Ross is to enter the Black Sea Thursday, Dec 3 with a view to promote peace and stability in the region.

- The presence of the destroyer in the Black Sea should enhance the navigation security and stability, as well as facilitate interaction with our allies and partners, according to the press-service of the US Navy's Sixth Fleet.

According to the statement, the US continues demonstrating its commitment to the collective security of NATO Allies, as well as its support for European partners in Europe.

The Sixth Fleet said that in the future it is ready to fulfill all obligations to its allies to ensure consistent and permanent land, air and naval presence in the region in the framework of the commitments made at the NATO summit.

The presence of the ships of coastal states in the Black Sea is governed by international law and the Montreux Convention. The latter document allows foreign ships to stay in the Black Sea not more than 21 day.