The US approved the position of the Russian Federation regarding the introduction of UN peacekeepers in the Donbas, but with the condition - to introduce them to the entire territory of the armed conflict, including regions temporarily controlled by the “DPR/LPR” terrorists, according to the Press Secretary of the US State Department Heather Nauert.

The representative of the State Department noted that peacekeepers will be able to protect the civilian population and help in the settlement of the armed conflict in the East of Ukraine.

“Any such force should have a broad mandate for peace and security throughout the occupied territory in Ukraine,” Nauert stated.

Previously QHA reported that September 5 the Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the presence of UN peacekeepers in the Donbas would facilitate resolution of the conflict in the southeast of Ukraine, and instructed the Russian Foreign Ministry to submit the draft resolution to the UN Security Council for consideration.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine criticized Putin’s statement, saying that the words of the Russian president testify to Russia's next attempt as a party to the conflict to present its aggression as an internal Ukrainian conflict and distort the very idea of conducting a peacekeeping operation, which in that case will not serve the main goal of establishing peace in the Donbas and restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

The statement of Putin was supported by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany Sigmar Gabriel.

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