On July 27, the US Senate almost unanimously voted to approve the bill, which introduces new sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea, Reuters reports.

The law received 98 votes "for" and only 2 "against", Republicans and Democrats demonstrated the unanimity on this issue.

Now the bill will be sent to the White House to US President Donald Trump, who had to either sign the law or apply the right of veto. If Trump vetoes it, the bill is expected to receive sufficient support in both chambers to overcome the veto.

The bill risks complication of relations between the US and Russia, despite the fact that Trump hoped to improve them when he took office as president.

Reportedly, the bill, in particular, proposes to prohibit the US President from easing sanctions or substantially changing US policy towards Russia without the approval of the Congress. The project also introduces additional restrictions on the participation of American citizens and companies in cooperation with the Russian energy sector, including in the construction of pipelines by Russia.
Earlier QHA reported that on July 25, the US House of Representatives had voted for new sanctions against Russia, Iran and the DPRK.

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