During the debate in the Senate, the Democratic and Republican parties determined attitude to Russia in connection with its intervention in the internal affairs of the United States, and in particular, when it was trying to influence the elections by means of targeted cyber attacks on government websites.

Senator Susan Collins, Republican Party, voiced the position of the Senate in relation to the Russian Federation on air of CNN TV channel.

“Putin must be punished.

Suppose for a moment that the Russian government controlled the organizations that using hacking intervened in the course of our elections, it is clear that it must be punished,” a senior official said.

She was supported by Democratic Senator Benjamin Cardin. According to him, the United States should respond to Moscow's actions in Ukraine and Syria.

“Russia poses a serious threat to America. They are not our partners. Russia is a bully,” the senator said, according to Reuters.

Earlier, the US Congress received a proposal to introduce new restrictive measures with regard to Russia for support of military crimes committed by the Assad regime. In the near future the bill is expected to be passed in the Senate and signed by the US President.

Photo: Internet