This week the US Senate can pass a law that provides sanctions against the Russian Federation for interference with the presidential election in the United States, Senator Republican Lindsey Graham said in an interview with the CBS TV channel. He is sure that the bill will be adopted.

According to the Senator, Russia "hacked into the DNC (Democratic National Committee – Ed.)" and provids arms to the Taliban to kill American soldiers. He also added that Moscow “colluded with Assad so he could keep his chemical weapons", . 

“We're going to punish the Russians. Any member of the Congress who doesn't want to punish Russia for what they've done is betraying democracy. And if the president doesn't sign this bill to punish Russia, he would be betraying democracy”, Graham said.

The Senator believes that Trump will sign it and "if he doesn't , the Congress is going to override his veto".

Democrats and Republicans positions in relation to anti-Russian sanctions are converging, according to the Politico publication. Reportedly, some differences on the power of a new "blow" to the Kremlin are the main obstacle to the agreement between the parties.

Earlier, US Senator John McCain prepared an amendment of legislation to the Senate, which will expand sanctions against Russia.

PHOTO: Internet