On June 12 US senators announced a bipartisan agreement on a bill that provides new sanctions against Russia because of its interference in the presidential election in the US and enshrines in law the current sanctions for Russia's aggression in Ukraine, Svoboda Radio reports.

“Democrats and Republicans from the Committee on Foreign Relations and the Banking Committee agreed with the amendment that will be added to the draft law on sanctions against Iran, which will also impose new sanctions on Russia for human rights violations and the provision of weapons to the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad”, reads the article.

The sanctions related to the elections will concern "persons who carry out malicious cyberactivity on behalf of the Russian government", according to the report.

The bipartisan amendment also provides the application of existing sanctions introduced in accordance with the presidential decree, on condition that Congress could consider and potentially block any White House attempts to ease the sanctions against Russia.

“In codifying existing sanctions and demanding the Congress to review any decision to weaken or strengthen them, we guarantee that the United States will continue to punish President Vladimir Putin for his reckless and destabilizing actions”, Democratic leader in the Senate Chuk Schumer said.

He also added that the new sanctions would also send a "powerful and bipartisan message" to Russia from Washington.

It is expected that the amendment will be voted together with the draft law on sanctions against Iran this week.

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