The Armed Forces Committee operating under the US House of Representatives will consider the allocation of additional funds to curb Russian aggression in 2017.

According to Deustche Welle, a considerable part of the allocated $ 3.4 billion will go to the deployment of military units in various countries of Eastern Europe.

“We have the means to deploy military units in various countries of Eastern Europe. This is the most important thing - to have a representative in the region ascertaining support for our allies,” said Adam Smith, a senior member of the Committee. 
The publication notes that the experts have declared the necessity to take measures against Moscow's actions since 2014, when Russia annexed Crimea and began to support the separatists in Eastern Ukraine.

However, the events of the past two weeks when Russia has held dangerous maneuvers in the Baltic Sea, described as "unprofessional, provocative and dangerous," once again put on the agenda the issue of banning the Russian actions. Among the main measures is the so-called European support initiative aimed to provide assistance to the European military, concerned of Moscow actions.

“The allocated amount is four times more than the budget approved for 2015. Furthermore, the financial assistance in the amount of $150 million can be given to Ukraine to train and equip the military of the National Army,” added to the publication.

Photo: Internet