The House of Representatives of the US Congress officially presented the draft of the "Law of 2017 to counteract Russian hostile actions," according to the press center of the Ukrainian embassy in the United States of America.

The bill was submitted by Republican Party Congressman Alex Muni. It is registered under the number H.R.1751. The document presupposes the binding force of the law to sanctions imposed under the US President's decrees against the Russian Federation over cyber intervention in the US elections in 2016, as well as for the occupation of the Crimea and military operations in the Donbas.

According to the document, no state institution of the USA should resort to actions that could be regarded as a de jure or de facto recognition of the sovereignty of the Russian Federation over the Crimea.

The bill states that any easing of sanctions against the Russian Federation will depend on the recognition of Ukraine's sovereignty over the Crimea by the authorities of the Russian Federation, as well as the timely and full implementation of the Minsk accords by Russia, regarding the restoration of Ukrainian control over the entire state border with the Russian Federation in the conflict zone.

Earlier, QHA reported that March 7, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson confirmed to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin that the United States of America would not discuss any plans to "exchange" the territory of Ukraine. Tillerson also noted that the Ukrainian issue is of fundamental importance for the United States.

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