The main obstacle in promoting the EU visa liberalization policy is deceleration in adopting a new, so-called safety mechanism of cancelling the visa-free regime for all third countries, according to the draft agenda of the next session of the EU legislative body, which will be held November 21-24 in Strasbourg, Ukrinform reports.

The Standing Committee of the European Parliament on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs supported the draft legislative resolution on the inclusion to the list of the third countries whose citizens do not fall under visa requirements for short-term travel to EU Member States (except the UK and Ireland), as well as to the Schengen zone.

Though the EU has not yet started the next intermediate stage in adopting this decision - the tripartite inter-institutional negotiations between the EU Council, the European Parliament and the European Commission on the elaboration of a final decision on visa-free regime for Ukraine.

The EU clearly pointed out that Ukraine has completely fulfilled all the criteria for visa-free regime with the EU. And the president of the European Parliament Martin Schulz, speaking at the previous EU summit with the heads of states and governments of the Member States, said that the visa-free regime for Ukraine should be granted as quickly as possible. The EU legislature formed the overwhelming majority for a positive vote on this issue.

Ukraine has fulfilled 144 requirements of the European Union.

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