(QHA) -

If the Western countries continue to intimidate Crimea or impose sanctions against it, the regional authorities will prohibit foreign diplomats from entering the peninsula, Crimean Prime Minister Sergey Aksyonov announced.

"If they take such sanctions, we will take the same sanctions against the entry of foreign diplomats to the territory of the Republic of Crimea," Aksyonov said.

According to Aksyonov, it seems that some Western leaders are obsessed with harming Crimea and Russia in any way possible.

"Let them deal with their issues," Aksyonov said.

The statement comes as the United States and the European Union have introduced several rounds of economic sanctions against Russia, since its annexation of Crimea in March.

Entities targeted by the sanctions include the Kerch ferry enterprise and the Sevastopol commercial sea port in Crimea.